Conservatives FURIOUS over what a public university is now PAYING students to do

A public university in Texas is so determined, so dedicated to indoctrinating the statist robots being pumped out of the education system with their racially divisive narrative that they’re stooping to a whole new level of low.

Not only are professors force-feeding students how they should more or less be ashamed of being white — because skin color is so important and all — but now they’re actually PAYING students to enroll in a program about “white privilege” and the Black Lives Matter movement.

You seriously can’t make this insanity up, folks.

According to The Daily Caller, An honors program at a public university gives students a scholarship and early course signup and lets them use laptops if they take classes on subjects like “white privilege” and Black Lives Matter, which both have community engagement components.

Sam Houston State University in Texas (SHSU) offers a scholarship of up to $2,800 to students who take these courses or others as part of its Elliott T. Bowers Honors College. Students who gain admission into the Honors College can sign up for courses earlier than their non-Honors peers, obtain access to a special computer center, and “automatically receive the Bowers Scholarship upon acceptance into the college.” The Honors students also graduate with distinction and gain usage of cameras, video cameras, and laptops for their class projects.

“Understanding Whiteness: Historic and Contemporary Viewpoints on Privilege,” asks SHSU Honors students “how might white people better understand white privilege and their potential role in dismantling systemic racism?” and requires students to “engage in personal self-reflection” and “educate others about white privilege through action research projects and community engagement initiatives.”

The seminar examines “white privilege” from modern and historical perspectives, e.g., “the social construction of whiteness,” as well as “key historic events and movements advancing white privilege (eugenics, global colonization, holocaust).”

The Black Lives Matter Honors College seminar is taught by associate professor Ervin Malakaj, who co-chairs SHSU’s Diversity Committee for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

“The Black Lives Matter movement has called on Americans to address the racial violence, mass incarceration, and dehumanizing social policies directed at African Americans,” reads the seminar description.

Progressivism has absolutely destroyed the higher education system in America by pulling outrageous stunts like this, leaving true academic pursuits — you know, the kind that actually further humanity — on the wayside, all for the sake of cultural relevance.

At the end of the day, that’s what this is really about. If a school or organization doesn’t appear to be socially aware or involved enough, they get shunned by millennials who are desperate to validate their existence with virtue signaling and social justice “causes.”

Post-modernism has left entire generations of young people feeling devoid of truth and meaning in their lives, so now they continue to develop these ridiculous causes to get behind in order to give themselves a purpose.

This, folks, is the end result of liberal thinking.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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