MSNBC host makes ABSURD prediction after Trump wiretap tweets

The left in America is coming unglued. It’s just that simple. And the leftists in the media (which is just about everyone) seem on the verge of seppuku.

Nowhere can more of these would-be suicidal pundits be found than on the Microsoft National Broadcasting Company (MSNBC) News network. And now one of MSNBC’s own has served up a doozy.

Apparently because of some tweets and although he’s only been in office about six weeks, one of MSNBC’s talking heads, Mika Brzezinksi, has made the declaration that “We are at a low point in American history…”.  The comment came on MSNBC’s Morning Joe show co-hosted by the closest thing to a conservative the network has, Joe Scarborough.

Trump is doing something those in media are unaccustomed to — hitting back. From his penchant for mid-night tweets to using the occasion of a White House press conference to call out CNN for being “fake news” Trump clearly is not one to take biased reporting, real or imagined, lying down. This aggressive counter-punching could be a first for many in news media and some aren’t handling it well.

When news broke over the weekend of the possibility Trump Tower had been wiretapped with listening devices, President Trump, in typical Trump fashion, went immediately on the offensive, tweeting and speaking to reporters about the alleged breach of privacy and vowing to get to the bottom of it. Well that was more than Brzezinksi could stand.

Brzezinksi, who infamously admitted on national tv that it’s the job of the media to “control what people think” and stated on-air that she will not book Trump spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway on her show, went into full meltdown mode saying that we’re basically on the way to totalitarianism.

A “new low point in American history?” Really, Mika?

Someone probably needs to remind Ms. Brzezinksi that last century America had a thing we call The Great Depression when from 1929 through 1933 millions of Americans lost their homes, their life savings wiped out, millions died of famine.

A new low point in American history? Slavery was once legal in the United States, Mika. Did you know that? It was once allowable for one human being to OWN another.

We’ve had wars, Watergate, genocides of indigenous peoples, 2400 of our finest lost their lives in a cowardly sneak attack on their ships and submarines while moored in Pearl Harbor.  And once upon a time not all that long ago some maniacs intent upon bringing glory to their god hijacked commercial jet liners and flew them into the sides of skyscrapers, bringing down one of our nation’s proudest monuments to human engineering and killing nearly 3,000 American citizens in one day.

A new low point in American history? How about a new low point in American journalism. If we can call it that.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]


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