Meme perfectly illustrates HYSTERIA around Trump and “Russia”

Over the weekend, the liberal media began hyperventilating over President Trump’s Twitter allegation that the Obama administration may have placed a wiretap in Trump Tower before the election. The purpose would have been to scrape together some sort of evidence that SOMEhow Trump had been colluding with the Russians in order to steal the election from Hillary Clinton – and continue their nefarious associations once Trump was elected.

Never mind the fact that no such evidence of collusion with the Russians exists — except maybe this…


Now, on to the subject of wiretapping, Mark Levin over the weekend pulled together at least seven bits of evidence culled from the mainstream media CONFIRMING the Obama administration’s efforts to tap the Trump campaign and his associates.

If you haven’t seen this clip from Fox, it’s definitely worth a view.

So whom do you believe? On the one hand we have liberals, with zero evidence. On the other hand we have Mark Levin, with a fistful of evidence. Oh yeah, and then this list of whom the Obama administration tapped previously. Hmm/

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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