Bette Midler tries to “fact check” Trump; scores EPIC fail

One liberal attempted to fact-check President Donald Trump when he cited the “4,331 shot” statistic during his first speech to Congress last Tuesday, while discussing Chicago’s staggering violence.

Singer/actress/songwriter Bette Midler tweeted out the following:

Well, it’s interesting to see a liberal argue that gun violence isn’t as bad as you’d think for once, but she apparently needs to be reminded people who are shot don’t always die.

Here’s the truth behind the stats:

Chicago is known for both its strict gun control policies — and the massive number of shootings they suffer despite — or because of — it. It’s a bloody reminder that a law’s intended goals often yield unintended consequences. For instance, when the city implemented a handgun ban — we see the percentage of murders committed with handguns increased until the point where they made up eight in ten murders (compared to about 4-5 in ten before the ban).


This is despite the fact that Chicago is among the cities where law enforcement has one of the highest recovery rates of illegal firearms.


A ban hasn’t prevented supply from increasing, and vigorous enforcement of their gun laws clearly hasn’t removed guns from their population at a faster rate than new ones enter.

Usually on a weekly basis, we’ve cataloged Chicago’s gun crime to serve as a reminder of the toll gun control and gang violence has taken on the city. Now the statistics are in for 2016, and they’re as horrifying as you’d expect.

According to ABC, Homicides in Chicago jumped to their highest level since 1996, when 796 [homicides] were recorded, according to historical data from the Chicago Police Department. Last year’s total represents a 57 percent increase over 2015, the biggest spike in murders in Chicago in 60 years, according to the Associated Press.

Shootings reached a record level since police began tracking them in 2011, rising nearly 50 percent over last year and nearly doubling since 2013. The number of shooting victims jumped to 4,331.

But anyway, thanks Divine Miss M for at least helping to publicize the horrific number of homicides.

[Note: This post was written by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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