What I find particularly DISTURBING about the Jeff Sessions episode is…

And so it is, we’re watching a life imitate art. We’re witnessing a modern life version of the Star Wars episode, “The Empire Strikes Back.”

I knew the Democrats needed to shift the narrative after the very successful and superbly delivered speech by President Donald Trump to the joint session of Congress. The Democrats were completely embarrassed as they portrayed themselves as petulant, petty, and truly out of touch. Therefore, they had to develop a strategy to change the news cycle before the end of the week leading into the weekend Sunday news shows. And nothing is better than another iteration of Russian fear mongering.

This time their chosen victim is Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

First of all, let’s be honest. The Russians had no effect on the election results of November 2016. The Russians may have hacked into the DNC email system and due to the stupidity of one John Podesta, his emails were also invaded, which a third-grader would have been able to do.

Interesting…the Democrats have never argued about what was discovered in those hacked and released emails…they just didn’t like that they were caught. And so the Democrats have been working overtime to create this specter, this straw man, this scapegoat by which they can, on notice, yell “squirrel” and their liberal progressive media machine kicks in.

To hear these delusional and psychotic Democrat members of Congress decry that Attorney General Jeff Sessions needs to resign, be fired, or some have even suggested go to jail is comical. Let’s consider the previous eight years and how the Democrats remained not just silent, but defiant and protective.

Does anyone recall the New Black Panther voter intimidation case? Yes, the one which the first black Attorney General, Eric Holder, completely dismissed and did nothing about? Or how about an Attorney General, the same Eric Holder, who was responsible for the failed Obama administration endeavor “Operation Fast and Furious”…no my liberal progressive friends, that’s not the movie with Vin Diesel and The Rock. Did any Democrats demand an investigation, resignation, or firing of Holder, especially knowing that a U.S. Border Patrol agent, Brian Terry, lost his life due to this covert action, that was truly aimed at demonizing the gun industry in America?

Did any Democrat show righteous indignation when Attorney General Loretta Lynch met, secretly, with President BiLL Clinton at a time when his wife, Hillary, was under FBI investigation? I think we — well those of us who don’t believe in situational, politicized ethics — would all agree that is the pure definition of conflict of interest. Nah, not if you’re a progressive socialist devoid of any understanding or concept of integrity and character. Yes, the hypocrisy is utterly laughable.

Now, when it comes to Russia, I remember the left telling us all to pay no attention, nothing to see here, when Barack Obama in an off-mic moment told then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to “tell Vladimir I will have more flexibility after my reelection.” What the heck did that mean?

Well, it was Obama, the chosen one of the left, and you were NOT allowed to question, and the Democrats along with their complicit flying monkeys in the liberal progressive media were not gonna ask.

And then there was that moment of masterful and brilliant foreign policy knowledge during the final presidential debate of 2012 when Bob Schieffer of CBS asked, “who is the greatest geopolitical threat to the United States?.” When GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney replied, Russia, the absent-minded constitutional scholar Barack Obama humorously quipped, “the 80s are calling, and they want their foreign policy back.” Did the Democrats cringe at that response by their chosen one? Nope, they applauded him and decried Romney as out of touch, a fear monger, and lacking any foreign policy competence.

And now we have all these Democrats yelling and screaming about Russia…hey y’all, “the 80s are calling and want their foreign policy back.”

For eight years we witnessed countless blatant lies and deceit from the Obama administration and the Democrats said nothing. And in less than 45 days of the Trump administration, they’re clamoring about impeachment and resignations, mind you LTG Michael Flynn’s real issue was misleading the Vice President.

But what is also particularly disturbing about the Jeff Sessions episode is the lack of intestinal fortitude by members of the GOP. After watching the Democrats circle their wagons around the most corrupt, non-transparent, and deceitful administration, why are they so willing to abandon their own?

It all comes back to Saul Alinksy’s Rules for Radicals. Alinsky’s rule number four is very applicable to this situation: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.“ If the rule is that every letter gets a reply, send 30,000 letters. You can kill them with this because no one can possibly obey all of their own rules.”

The Chicago native Alinsky used the word enemy…no indignation from the leftist on that, huh?

Anyway, it’s apparent from a careful analysis, that the Democrats have no boundaries, no integrity, no character, no rules…they simply play to win. And what they are attempting to do — which they do often — is force the GOP to live up to rules and standards that they themselves, progressive socialists will NEVER do.

This is why we must see them for who they are and this entire charade about Russia and the Trump administration. Not a single doggone Democrat said anything about Barack Obama dispatching his campaign operatives to Israel to undermine, subvert, and sabotage the reelection of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. There was evidence beyond any shadow of doubt and it was not speculation about “hacking.” But we heard nothing from the Democrats or the liberal progressive press.

These constant leaks of information are emanating from the shadow rear guard of saboteurs left behind from the Obama administration and they need to be sent packing. This is a battle and it requires a battle plan, not compromise and appeasement. The insidious drip, drip death by a thousand cuts approach from the left is going to continue, especially to get the Trump administration away from its policy agenda.

What we need for ourselves is to see this for what it is, an example of the most blatant and unconscionable duplicitous hypocrisy and double standard. If the Democrats and their accomplices in the media REALLY believe we’re going to fall for this charade, they are a special kind of stupid.

We all see this for what it is, a distraction. The left doesn’t want any positive messaging for the Trump administration, which is exactly the result of his brilliant and skillful address Tuesday evening. Heck, even avowed socialist Van Jones had to give President Trump his dues.

The left doesn’t get it. We don’t care about their antics anymore, we see though these fake efforts. For those eight years nothing could be said about Barack Obama, and now the leftists are going manic over thing after thing. But they’re relegating themselves to irrelevance. We see their lies, their spin, and their lack of standards of character and integrity.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is not going anywhere…but the progressive socialists of the Democrat Party are, into the history books, and annals of political despair, like the Whigs.

And to certain members of the GOP, please, get a pair and fight back. Stop acquiescing.


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