OUTRAGE: Media HIDING key fact about Pence’s “private emails”…

Another day, another media anti-Trump “BOMBSHELL” that quickly turns out to be anything but.

The latest? Forget Hillary Clinton, Mike Pence used a person email account (which liberals all of a sudden care about when it’s a Republican doing so) while serving as governor of Indiana – AND his emails were hacked.

CNN reported that Vice President Mike Pence used a personal email to conduct state business while he was governor of Indiana that was hacked in a phishing scam.

The emails, obtained by the Indianapolis Star through a public records request, show Pence contacted his chief of staff and homeland security adviser about his efforts to block the resettlement of Syrian refugees in Indiana and the state’s response to a shooting at Canada’s national parliament building.

As you’d expect, a particular tweet from Pence has been getting a lot of attention today in light of this news:

As amusing as it is to see liberals writing “Lock Him Up!” in response to the news, Pence did absolutely nothing wrong. Among the many details CNN left out of their story is that Indiana law doesn’t require public officials to only use a government email.

According to NPRUnder Indiana law, public officials are allowed to use personal email accounts… As the Star notes, the law is “generally interpreted” to require public officials to save any emails related to official business in order to follow open records laws. A Pence spokesman says the vice president complied with that requirement.

The Right Scoop also noted that there’s no shortage of differences in the circumstances here.

Hillary didn’t just use a personal email account, she used her own private unsecured secret email server where she compromised national security by allowing classified email to be sent to and from the unsecured server. It doesn’t even compare to Pence LEGALLY using private email.

Not to demean Pence’s position as governor, but he wasn’t exactly receiving information related to our national security during his tenure.

CNN also doesn’t tell you that Pence turned over his emails. You might have inferred that from the fact that his emails were obtained through a public records request and released by the governor, but this is something that Hillary did not voluntarily do. The whole reason she had her own private email server was to control her emails and prevent the public from holding her accountable.

CNN makes it sounds like Pence has now decided to turn over the emails and has hired a lawyer to do so. In reality, when he won the election and went from Governor Mike Pence to Vice President Mike Pence, he hired attorneys to ensure he was in compliance with the law and that he’s done what is proper.

Lastly, Pence was using a publicly available email service (AOL), and lacked the private server at home like Hillary had. If the man is to be punished for anything, it should be for still using AOL in 2017.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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