HORRIFIC: Sweden justifies Trump’s warnings AGAIN…

“In Sweden emergency numbers for the police, the ambulances and the firemen are united in the unique 112

emergency number. You should only use this number for real emergencies. For any other query contact your local hospital or health centre. For 24-hour non-emergency health advice and care, dial 1177.”

These are the instructions given to tourists planning on traveling to Sweden. Of course everyone hopes to never need an ambulance, but you never know. But there are now places in Sweden where if you need an ambulance you may be out of luck.

Gordon Gattidge is President of Sweden’s ambulance union and has called for enhanced security for his personnel when working in so-called “no-go zones,” saying first responders need “special” military-grade equipment to withstand the dangers of the primarily migrant-populated areas.

Grattidge made the remarks in an interview with a Swedish journalist, published earlier this week. “It’s too dangerous to enter” areas in Sweden where “majority of the people are immigrants,” he said. Citing his association workers’ “own experience,” the ambulance union chief said the escalation of violence in such areas “definitely” poses a growing threat to medical staff.

“We can be prevented from entering, we may be blocked from getting out. Our vehicles can be attacked, and we personally can be exposed to physical violence,” he said.

Saying that “areas with large groups of violent people” have become a “constant concern” for Swedish ambulance workers, Grattidge claimed attacks from such groups “of up to 30 people” happen “about once a week,” forcing medical staff “to retreat and wait for the police.”

These groups do not just throw stones, he said, warning that “hand grenades have been thrown at police.” Since 2015 Sweden has indeed seen a sharp increase in grenade attacks and incidents.

The union boss believes his members need police protection, as well as body armor and helmets, Mr. Grattidge described how ambulances frequently come under attack while on the job, remarking, “It’s when we enter hazardous areas and there’s a risk of putting our paramedics in danger.”

As are most officials in European nations that are being overrun by Muslim migrants, Gattidge found himself in the difficult position of attempting to walk the tight rope between the truth and political correctness, “I know the subject of ‘no go zones’ is sensitive and controversial, but for us it really is a no go because we have directives not to put our staff into dangerous situations… We are supposed to get personal protection from the police when we enter these areas,” he said, adding that such “no-go zones where primarily migrants live… are increasing in numbers.”

Sweden has had some of the most liberal laws toward refugees, but the migrant crisis in Europe and the influx of Muslim refugees has put a strain on Swedish authorities and infrastructure. The number “no go zones” in Sweden has grown to over 50 such areas across the country last year.

So here we have ambulances, which are there to help hurting people, being attacked and kept out by the very people they’re there to assist who, live in a “zone” where police are not welcomed. These immigrant populations are now pushing for Sharia law to be the only officially recognized governing law in their “zones.”

Tuesday night President Trump spoke of a need to know who is immigrating into our nation versus allowing just anyone in anytime. Which is exactly what they did in Sweden, Germany, Belgium and other EU nations. Now they’re paying a price. To some, Trump viewing what’s happened in Europe and stating that we must learn from the lessons of others is somehow “racist.”

Ask someone with a broken bone, laceration or other medical emergency who’s waiting on an ambulance that never comes if its ‘racist’ or ‘common sense?’

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]

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