After Trump’s triumph, Oprah makes HUGE announcement…

Following President Trump’s stunning election victory, people reacted in different ways. For Trump supporters, it was validation that the punditry was wrong, that polls were not accurately measuring his support.  Of course, liberals have been beside themselves, literally rioting in the streets and cooking up delusional plans to take the victory away from him.

However, one big celebrity reacted to Trump’s win in a different way. Oprah Winfrey, one of the most-well known TV personalities in the world, realized that lack of political experience doesn’t mean you can’t be president. The realization caused her to consider whether a run for president might be right for her.

From the Daily Mail:

The improbable political rise of Donald Trump has led Oprah Winfrey to think about whether or not she could become the second TV entertainer to work in the Oval Office.

Oprah told Bloomberg interviewer David Rubenstein that before Trump won the November election, she thought she was unqualified to be president. 

But not anymore.

‘I actually never thought that that was – I never considered the question, even a possibility,’ she said.

But when reality-show icon Trump beat longtime politician Hillary Clinton, she said, ‘I just thought, “Oh! Oh!”‘

I thought, “Oh, gee, I don’t have experience. I don’t know enough. I don’t.”

‘And now I’m thinking, “Oh! Oh!”‘

Oprah would be the first woman president if she were to leverage her near-universal name ID and nationwide support to match Trump’s political lightning moment.

She told Rubenstein, a famed philanthropist who interviews business leaders on his show, that she built her career on one unlikely triumph after another.

Oprah has been outspoken about politics in the recent past, endorsing both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in the most recent elections. If she did run, it’s likely she would do it under the banner of the Democratic Party.

Of course, if Oprah is seriously considering a run, she might want to brush up on the issues. After all, nobody wants a president who admits that “I don’t know enough” to be president. Although President Trump lacked political experience, he had been involved national politics for decades before his successful run. Moreover, Trump’s vast experience in business is valuable for anyone seeking a position as the chief executive.

Oprah hasn’t indicated whether she will explore the possibility of running more seriously, but at this point — particularly after the president’s speech last night — it seems unlikely she would have much of a chance at victory. Perhaps in her case, it’s better to stick to TV.

[Note: This post was authored by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]

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