Here’s the TRUTH behind “that” Kellyanne photo MSM won’t report…

Another day, another Trump administration “controversy.”

This time it involves some serious investigative journalism from the Washington Post who found just the other night President Trump ate ordered an overcooked steak…with ketchup (the horror)!

That national tragedy was only compounded recently when Kellyanne Conway was spotted sitting casually on the couch in the Oval Office as Trump met with the presidents of a number of the nation’s historically black colleges.

Here’s the original photo so shocking it won’t cause you to gasp in any way whatsoever.


Cue the outrage.



Yes, really. All this drama over how Kellyanne sat. That, and the belief that she’s immersed in her smartphone like a middle schooler at the dinner table, when in reality she was simply getting ready to take a photograph.


What will the outrage police uncover next? As they continue their search, here are a number of similar “incidents” during the Obama administration that they somehow “missed” (because conservatives aren’t hysterical).




Back when he was still on the air in 2013, Stephen Colbert attempted to mock conservatives for being outraged over Obama putting his foot on his desk in the Oval Office desk…and the only people he could find to mock were expressing outrage satirically.

Meanwhile, this is hardly the most outrageous thing to happen on the Oval Office couch historically by a long shot.


What “scandal” will tomorrow bring?

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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