Liberals EXPLODE over this photo of Kellyanne Conway; conveniently FORGET…

Oh boy. Another day, another MSM outrage. Perhaps we can coin a new term here: fauxtrage. Whatever.

President Trump’s senior aide, Kellyanne Conway was caught *gasp* casually kneeling — WITH HER SHOES ON – on a sofa in the Oval Office as she snapped a photo of the president meeting with leaders of historically black colleges and universities.

Liberals immediately imploded with outrage over such a disrespectful, classless gesture.

Then they had some sense slapped in them, starting with Katie Pavlich.

And even some LIBERALS who recognized the hypocrisy in all of this.

Including the WashPo’s Chris Cillizza.

Because, Clinton’s “room service” aside, there was also this…

And this…

Don’t we have ANYthing better to worry about than “shoes on the couch?”

But on the other hand, if it weren’t for liberals, we wouldn’t have much to write about here at So, thanks bunches.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

H/T to Twitchy


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