Wow: LOOK what liberals will do next time a white person says “Black Lives Matter”…

SNL’s Leslie Jones has a tendency to shoot off at the mouth, so hearing insanity come spewing forth from her brain is hardly shocking. However her latest comments are definitely not making her very many friends.

Apparently Jones had a moment during one of her “stand-up” gigs where she let her guard down, and let the whole world know how she really felt about white women supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

The statement was so over-the-top, even other liberals thought the comedian went off the rails.

According to The Daily Caller:

Leslie Jones, a comedian, made fun of white people who stand with the Black Lives Matter movement during one of her stand-ups in New York City, reports The Grio.

“If I see another 45-year-old white woman from Williamsburg saying ‘black lives matter,’ I’m going to punch you in the mouth,” Jones quipped, before adding “Stop doing that.”

People quickly accused Jones of being racist, and bigoted toward white people who want to be a part of the Black Lives Matter movement. Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton called Jones out for her comments.

“Thankfully, Leslie is only speaking for herself,” Hilton said. “And her comedy is very unfunny here! I guess I don’t find #BlackLivesMatter funny. I support it and seriously. The bit seems to alienate allies. Sad.”

Here’s how Jones, true to her character, decided to respond to the controversy:

Doesn’t it seem a bit fishy that folks who insulted Jones on Twitter got the boot, but this woman literally says she wants to physically assault someone, and, aside from some individuals calling her out for it, she gets away with her shenanigans unscathed?

Doesn’t sound like “equality” going on here, does it?

Hopefully, Jones goes the way of her fellow SNL writer, Katie Rich, who was recently suspended for her remarks about Barron Trump.

If that happens, pretty soon there may not be any SNL writers left…Not a bad thing.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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