Trump gives Democrats new slogan and it fits PERFECTLY

Democrats have proven to be a massive pain in the backside for President Trump. They’ve proven they will do anything to cause problems as he tries to get his cabinet put in place, and implement his agenda for our nation.

This, as you might expect, has caused an incredible amount of stress and frustration, a fact Trump is not at all shy about voicing, as he made clear during a recent chat with reporters.

Trump discussed Democrats blocking his progress, and even returned to his roots as a businessman by coming up with a new marketing slogan for our friends on the left.

According to TheBlaze:

President Donald Trump returned to his business and marketing roots Monday, declaring he has given the Democrats a new opposition slogan: “Obstruct and resist.”

“It’s called ‘obstruct and resist,’” Trump quipped to reporters. “I hope I didn’t give them a new phrase because their real phrase is ‘resist.’ I think I just gave them another word.”

“I shouldn’t have done that,” he continued. “I’m good at branding. You’re gonna see them come out now: ‘Obstruct and resist.’ Well, at least I can take credit for it.”

Trump was talking about the fact that many — if not most — of his Cabinet appointees have been strongly opposed by the Democrats in the Senate. In fact, not since 1789 under President George Washington has a White House administration waited so long to have a full Cabinet, according to The Daily Signal.

Roughly half of Trump’s Cabinet nominees have yet to be confirmed, according to CNBC, marking the longest delay for any modern president.

“It’s just delay, delay, delay — it’s really sad,” the president said during his Friday speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference. “I love setting records, but I hate having a Cabinet meeting and I see all these empty seats. I said, ‘Democrats, please, approve our Cabinet.’”

What’s truly ironic about all of the blocking Democrats have attempted to do is that back when Republicans were trying to keep them from appointing a SCOTUS replacement for Justice Scalia, they shamed conservatives for “blocking” their efforts.

They really tried to turn up the heat and make the GOP look like a pack of stubborn mules, hoping to turn the American people against the right and put pressure on establishment politicians to get on board with their agenda.

It failed. Miserably.

However, the country has clearly spoken since the election, indicating a massive shift to the right, and it’s time for the Democrats to accept that and get out of the way.

It wasn’t just a Republican win in the race for the White House, but an absolute brutal beat down at every level with the GOP taking control of basically all three branches of government.

That’s a pretty clear message. People are ready for true progress: for the nation to be healed from being so divided and for economic prosperity to be restored.

By standing in the way of that agenda going forward, the left is once again proving they are out of touch with the average American who lives paycheck to paycheck.

Such a mistake, if continued, will lead to further Republican victories in future elections, which is an outcome we should all be hoping for anyway.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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