Hillary throws down Trump challenge; there’s just ONE problem…

Following her election loss, Hillary Clinton spent a lot of time out of the public eye. For most of us, that was pretty good news. But lately, Clinton has decided to start speaking up again.

A few days ago, she released a video challenging Democrats to resist President Trump. Now, she’s calling on Trump to speak out against hate crimes.

From The Hill:

Hillary Clinton is calling on President Trump to speak out against hate crimes across the country.

“With threats & hate crimes on rise, we shouldn’t have to tell @POTUS to do his part,” the former Democratic presidential nominee tweeted Monday.

“He must step up & speak out.”

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Clinton tweeted out the message in response to a recent crime in a Kansas bar:

Clinton shared an article from The Kansas City Star about the widow of Srinivas Kuchibhotla, who was shot to death in an Olathe, KS, bar.

During a news conference, the woman called for answers on how to end hate crimes in the country.

“I have a question in my mind: Do we belong?” said Sunayana Dumala, who, along with her husband, traveled from India to attend college in the U.S., according to the Star.

There’s just one problem, President Trump has spoken out against hate crimes. Just recently, the administration condemned the vandalizing of Jewish cemeteries. Of course, Trump also condemned some of his supporters for harassing minorities, even though those reports were unsubstantiated. Clearly, the president has no problem speaking out against hate crimes.

Moreover, this is all a bit rich coming from Hillary Clinton. After all, where was she when her supporters were destroying private property after the election? Where was she when her supporters were chasing down and beating Trump supporters? Why was she silent when riots got violent at Berkeley? The answer: nowhere to be found.

Just like the election, Clinton talks a big game but can never back it up with action. President Trump has been among the first to condemn hate crimes, while Clinton watches silently has her supporters carry out violence across the country. Maybe Clinton should do us all a favor and remain in the shadows. After all, if we wanted to hear her input, we would have elected her.

[Note: This post was authored by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]


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