Syrian-born mayor drops STUNNER about sanctuary cities

On the one hand, we have Univision’s Jorge Ramos proclaiming to a roomful of Latinos, “this is OUR country, not theirs. It is our country. And we are not going to leave.”

Was Jorge Ramos saying this to American citizens? Um, doubtful.

On the other hand, we have the county commission of Miami-Dade which voted just over a week ago to become the first county in the nation to drop its “sanctuary” status by agreeing to fully cooperate with federal immigration officials.

It’s particularly significant because Miami-Dade has such a large (Hispanic) immigrant population, it has earned the informal title of the “capital of Latin America.”

Will more cities and counties follow suit? Perhaps we’re reaching a tipping point.

Next up is Montvale, New Jersey mayor Mike Ghassali, a Syrian-born immigrant.

As BizPic Review reports, Ghassali, who was born in Aleppo and came to the United States with his family when he was 15, posted a message on Facebook last week saying he would not be “advocating the defiance of federal laws.”


Because of his background and interactions with refugees in his community, many expected he’d fall in line with other liberal mayors in the state.

Earlier this month, the Muslim mayor of Prospect Park signed his own executive order declaring his city a sanctuary for illegal immigrants. Mohamed Khairullah, who was also born in Aleppo like Ghassali, ordered his city not to comply “in the enforcement of Federal Immigration Law.”

Democrat Mayor Steven Fulop also supported sanctuary city policies for Jersey City, signing an executive order earlier this month promising that no one’s immigration status would ever be questioned in his municipality.

But Ghassali said, “I can’t break the law.”

You know, the television show “Law and Order” debuted in 1990 and ran for 20 years until its final show in 2010. It seems so quaint now, that you could actually have a show about “the law,” considering so many have no problem with breaking it.

Three cheers to Mayor Ghassali for upholding the rule of law in our nation.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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