JUST IN: Multiple injuries as man deliberately drives into crowd…

While liberals worldwide work themselves up into a collective hissy fit over President Trump’s comments about Sweden and Paris, events in Europe keep happening that appear to prove him right.

Germany deals once again with an attempt at mass carnage, as a man deliberately drove a car into pedestrians today.

The Sun reports, At least three people have been injured after a car smashed into pedestrians in Germany.

Its fleeing driver, who was reportedly carrying a knife, was shot by police.

Local media reports he drove a rental car into crowds in the city centre of Heidelberg near Stuttgart.

Police say one of the three people injured is in a serious condition.

The alleged driver was taken to hospital.

His motive remains unclear.

“Unclear.” Yeah it couldn’t be…no, of course not. And anyway, we wouldn’t want to rush to judgement.

As you’ll recall, just one day after Trump referenced turbulence in Sweden, there was indeed a riot in the Stockholm borough of Rinkeby, home to a high concentration of Somali immigrants. Hundreds of young people threw stones and burned cars as police faced two coordinated attacks.

Even the New York Times is reporting that Sweden, “the nation of open arms,” is beginning to openly question its immigration policies.

But woe betide any American — and certainly any American named Trump — who openly questions why we should want to go the way of Europe.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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