OOPS: HuffPo accidentally posts pro-Trump article; this happens IMMEDIATELY…

The mainstream media have made it their four-year goal to do everything in their power to bring President Trump and his administration down, using ethical gymnastics to make it appear as if we’re witnessing the second coming of the Third Reich.

Ever since Trump won the election, the left has done nothing but go on the assault, insulting not only the president, but his children and family, too, proving there’s nothing too low for them.

This is exactly why what happened at The Huffington Post so astonishing!

According to The Daily Caller:

Liberal website The Huffington Post removed a Norwegian writer’s blog post arguing that President Trump was “absolutely right about Sweden” when he criticized the liberal country’s immigration policies.

“This was a self-published post on our contributor platform,” a Huffington Post spokesperson told The Daily Caller. “Our editors removed it after determining that it violated our terms of use.”

Rene Zografos, whose home country neighbors Sweden, wrote that it’s not politically correct “for journalists to say or write that immigration in Europe is unsuccessful.” Even though critics in media the mocked Trump, Zografos wrote, “he is actually spot on.”

“It’s well known for Scandinavians and other Europeans that liberal immigration comes with drugs, rapes, gang wars, robbery and violence,” Zografos argued. ‘

He went on to say that “several European cities have huge immigration problems where even the police force is afraid to interfere in some locations in these cities.”

“The fact is that the press here in Europe hasn’t [been] doing their job properly,” he wrote, adding that there is a general “fear” that journalists don’t “report the basic truth – which is that Europe has enormous problems that comes from liberal immigration politics.”

The rabidly left leaning publication actually deleted a blog post that said something positive about Trump!

Mere days after the president caught flack for stating that Sweden was having problems due to the influx of refugees entering the country, the nation erupted into riots and violence, perhaps, just maybe, indicating the man had a point.

It’s obvious the only “violation of terms and services” by this author was daring to say something even remotely positive about a man the left loathes with a passion.

It’s tragic that in a country where we pride ourselves on freedom of speech, we cannot respect one another’s opinions enough to allow room for differing points of view.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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