Whoa: Jaws DROP when Ted Cruz says these TWO words at CPAC

The nation’s largest conservative forum, CPAC, is underway now in Washington D.C. (well, actually across the Potomac in Maryland, but who’s counting?) and some of the www.allenbwest.com crew is attending as it happens.

Today we were treated to a heavy-hitting line-up, starting in the morning with Kellyanne Conway, then Governor Scott Walker, Steve Bannon, Reince Priebus…Vice President Mike Pence will be here tonight and even our own president tomorrow.

But perhaps the biggest laughs today came from the pairing of Senator Ted Cruz and radio host Mark Levin whose presentation was billed as “A Conversation about the Constitution.”

Cruz elicited cheers from the crowd when he commented on the Senate rules change Reid put in place in 2013 called the “nuclear option.”

At the time, the Democratic Senate majority — led by Harry Reid (Nev.) — rammed through controversial rules fundamentally changing the way the Senate does business. They unleashed in November 2013 what’s called the “nuclear option” allowing senators to approve by a simple majority all presidential appointments to the executive branch and the judiciary, with a big exception for Supreme Court justices.

In other words, unless Republicans jump ship, the rules change means Democrats are unable to stop any of Donald Trump’s cabinet appointments. So for that, Ted Cruz gave Harry Reid a big shout and a “thank you.”


Cruz said “Many times since January 20th, I have raised a glass and toasted Harry Reid. It is a direct result of Harry Reid that we have the most conservative cabinet in decades.”

Heck, even the WashPo had to agree with Cruz.

Payback’s a b*itch, ain’t it?

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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