Girl stands in line for Red Sox autograph; why she leaves has everyone SPEECHLESS

One only needs to look at the gazillions of Snapchat and Twitter followers for pop singers (you’ve probably never heard of) and Kardashians (you’d probably rather forget) to know the youth of today is obsessed with fame. Anyone who is “famous” receives adulation and mobbed for a “selfie” so our fame-obsessed and self-absorbed youth can validate their existence on social media.

Which is why this particular story is so very heartening. It’s incredibly reassuring to know there are some American kids growing up with their heads screwed on straight and their feet firmly planted in principles.

As Breitbart reports, Makenna Woodburn was standing in line waiting to get an autograph from Boston Red Sox players when she spotted a true hero.

Makenna, seven, left her spot in line and approached U.S. Army Reservist Olyvia Russell, who was at the event in uniform, and asked for her autograph.

“She’s a hero instead of a baseball player,” Makenna explained.

Yes she is. And Makenna my dear, you are too for recognizing it.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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