Whoa: Schumer makes HORRIFYING prediction about Republicans

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer has been a busy man since the election. Voted in as replacement to former Minority Leader Harry Reid, Schumer faced a government completely controlled by the Republican Party. He quickly set out to lead the movement that would resist President Trump’s agenda every step of the way. Additionally, Schumer spearheaded the fight over Trump’s cabinet nominees, a battle that has now been dragging on for over a month.

In the midst of it all, he found some time to sit on ABC’s “The View”. Asked about the current political climate in Washington, Schumer made a pretty astounding –and frankly, terrifying — prediction.

From The Hill:

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer(D-N.Y.) predicted on Tuesday that Republicans will split with President Trump within months unless the administration changes course.

“My prediction is he keeps up on this path…within three, four months you’re going to see a whole lot of Republicans breaking with him,” Schumer said during an interview with ABC’s “The View.”

Schumer argued while most GOP lawmakers aren’t yet willing to break publicly from the White House, they are privately having “real problems” with Trump’s policies in his first month.

“A lot of the Republicans, they’re mainstream people. … They will feel they have no choice but to break with him,” he said.

Of course, Schumer doesn’t have a very good track record with predictions. Last year, he predicted that comprehensive immigration reform would be passed. More recently, Schumer went on record to predict Trump’s HHS Secretary pick Tom Price wouldn’t be confirmed by the Senate. And who could forget the most hilarious prediction of all, when Schumer said Democrats were going to take over the government in 2016:

“We’re going to have a Democratic generation. [President Barack Obama] helped create it. But it’s just where America’s moving demographically, ideologically and in every way,” Schumer told POLITICO in a lengthy interview this week at the Democratic National Convention. “We’ll have a mandate to get something done.”

How’d that turn out, Chuck?

To be fair, we can’t give Mr. Schumer too hard of a time regarding his history of failed predictions, he doesn’t have a very good memory. After all, this is the same man who CRIED in reaction to President Trump’s travel ban, apparently forgetting he proposed similar action a year before. He also seemingly forgot that before he led the charge to obstruct Trump’s cabinet, he wasn’t a very big fan of obstruction.

Schumer either has a very short memory or is a monumental hypocrite. (Hands up, everyone voting for the latter). Either way, there’s not much reason to take any of his predictions seriously.

[Note: This post was authored by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]

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