HYPOCRISY alert: Hillary takes STUNNING swipe at Trump because he…

It’s not exactly headline news to say the mainstream liberal media — along with liberal politicians — are doing anything and everything in their power to bring President Trump down.

Some of their arguments and tactics are laughably ironic, such as the sheer desperation in Hillary Clinton’s latest attempt to take Trump to the woodshed — leaving you in stitches when you see it.

Clinton is attempting to slam the president for spending too much time playing golf.

Try not to blow your beverage of choice out of your nostrils as you immediately reflect back on the record-setting amount of time our previous president spent on the golf course.

According to The Telegraph:

Hillary Clinton has taken a swing at Donald Trump, by re-tweeting a data project that claims he spent 25 hours playing golf during his first month in office.

The former Democratic presidential nominee shared a graph with her millions of Twitter followers that claimed to show that Mr Trump had spent more than four times longer playing golf than receiving intelligence briefings.

It was estimated by the Washington Post that during Mr Trump’s first full month in office after his inauguration on January 20 (a total of 744 hours) he had spent:

25 hours – playing golf
6 hours – receiving intelligence briefings
6 hours – signing bills and executive orders
21 hours – on foreign relations (meetings and phone calls with foreign leaders)
4 hours – taking news news conferences

The newspaper itself admitted that the metrics used were “imprecise.”

Why are those on the left making such a huge deal out of a few rounds of golf, some of which occurred during a State visit with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe?

Trump was heavily critical of Obama’s time on the course, which was beyond excessive. Many Americans were.

But the criticism of the former occupant of the White House goes far beyond the amount of time spent on his putting, and centers on the inappropriate timing of some of his fun in the sun.

Remember when an American journalist was beheaded by ISIS and within minutes of the announcement President Obama was out on the green? Yeah, those sorts of shenanigans happened frequently, and that’s why he was slammed for his behavior.

Thus far, Trump has not acted in such an inappropriate manner, and it appears some of his outings may have been work-related.

However, the bottom line here is not to come after Trump and slam him for spending too much time playing golf, considering the former president was hailed as a hero by media outlets on the left — despite Obama’s many lapses in the administration of his official duties — on numerous occasions — to play 18 holes.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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