ALERT: Look what we CAUGHT liberal media doing on President’s Day

In the wake of Donald Trump’s victory, much has been made of the protests to oppose his presidency. Of course, protests can only accomplish so much; in order to really change things you have to win elections. Nevertheless, the media continues to cover protests as if they’re proof the majority of Americans oppose Trump’s agenda.

However, as protests that were planned months in advance start to become less frequent, their scale becomes watered down. You might think small protests would be hard to cover, but don’t tell that to the Washington Post. Despite the fact that the “Not My Presidents Day” protests were on balance embarassingly small, the Washington Post’s coverage of them was…. creative:

Thousands protesting against President Donald Trump on issues including immigration, climate change and the environment rallied in cities around the U.S. on Presidents Day, calling their opposition outpouring Not My President’s Day.

Can you believe that? THOUSANDS of people protested in a country that’s home to nearly 320 million people! What a devastating indictment of Trump’s policies! Aside from slightly larger crowds in New York City and Los Angeles, crowds across the country were minimal. So, um yeah, if you added them all up, there were “thousands.”

In the nation’s third largest city, hundreds amassed to show their displeasure… literally:

In Chicago, several hundred rallied across the river from the Trump Tower, shouting “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Donald Trump has got to go.”

Rebecca Wolfram of Chicago, who’s in her 60s, said concerns about climate change and immigrant rights under Trump prompted her to start attending rallies.

“I’m trying to demonstrate as much as possible until I figure out what else to do,” said Wolfram, who held a sign that said “Old white ladies are really displeased.”

You hear that President Trump? There are hundreds of people “very displeased!” Better be on notice! Never mind the fact that far from being displeased, old white ladies overwhelmingly supported your candidacy according to exit polls. And who gave Rebecca Wolfram the authority to speak on behalf of all old white ladies anyway?

In some cities the protests were so small, all of those in attendance could have had dinner at their local Applebee’s without running afoul of local fire code:

Dozens marched through midtown Atlanta for a rally named with a Georgia flavor: “ImPEACH NOW! (Not My) President’s Day March.”

Yes, their message was heard loud and clear, assuming you could hear their voices over local traffic.

Needless to say, the passionate opposition to President Trump is starting to peter out. That’s bad news for a media that desperately wants a “liberal Tea Party” movement. In reality, the “Never Trump” protesters don’t have a movement and never have.

[Note: This post was authored by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]

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