NBC’s anti-Trump propaganda sinks to STUNNING new low…

Never before in the history of American politics has a sitting president received such a level of disrespect and vitriol thrown his way in the nascent days of his administration, than one Donald J. Trump.

He has been the subject of rallies, marches and protests – many based on what people merely think he’s going to do – rather than reasoned policy decisions they object to.

But, saddest of all is when the left uses our children as propaganda tools.

We’ve seen kids get left-leaning indoctrination, thinly veiled as homework, as in the case of the 11-year-old given an assignment with anti-Trump questions, followed by pro-Obama statements. Or toddler girls in “kitty” hats at the Women’s March with signs clearly made by adults with words shamefully inappropriate for them.

And now comes this gem, as reported by CNS News:

NBC News handpicked anti-Trump tykes for two propaganda videos to make it appear that every child in American thinks Pres. Trump is an ignorant racist and threat to the country.

Not one child in either “Dear Mr. President: kids Talk Trump” or “Dear Mr. President: Letters from the American Children” says he actually supports Trump’s efforts to keep America safe from terrorism or stop the influx of illegal aliens.

Both videos open with smarmy, false compliments to give the illusion that these kids haven’t been indoctrinated by leftist teachers and liberal media…but, then, both launch into unrelenting snide rebukes couched in innocent-kid-speak.

Take a gander below and see all of the “greatest hits” of the left’s talking points memos:

Whatever happened to just letting kids be kids? America must agree, because the videos are getting more thumbs down than up. To quote part the first line in one of the sermonettes, “every child should be able to play outside…” How about more recess and less Pravda?

[Note: This post was written by Marie Stroughter. Follow her on Twitter @MarieStroughter]

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