The mainstream media (and even the Swedish prime minister) were aghast when President Trump called out rising crime and violence in Sweden as a result of the influx of Muslim immigrants. During his rally in Melbourne, Florida over the weekend, Trump mentioned what had happened “last night” in Sweden with the implication that there was either a terror attack or some sort of violent protest.

He was immediately flamed on Twitter…

And then issued this clarification…

His off-the-cuff remark was in response to a segment on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show which featured an interview with Swedish police saying certain areas of the country were becoming “no go” zones.

Perhaps the Swedish government would like to comment on what actually DID happen just last night.

As Zero Hedge reports, It would appear the mainstream media (along with several celebrities and Swedish politicians) is going to be apologizing to President Trump once again.

Having spent the entire new cycle trying to ignore the immigrant crisis facing Sweden, and pin the ignorant tail on Trump, both Dagbladet and Expressen reports riots breaking out in the highly immigrant concentrated Stockholm borough of Rinkeby, Sweden with police firing warning shots as 100s of young people throw stones and burn cars.

During the evening hundreds of young people gathered in the center of Rinkeby, well known for its high concentration of immigrants and people with immigrant ancestry.

Rinkeby is a known problem area in Stockholm. It was here NRK journalist Anders Magnus was attacked with stones last spring, and here the police never go in the evenings without reinforcements from other patrols according to Dabladet. A freelancer the newspaper spoke to, described the situation as serious.

“I’ve been in some turmoil, but this is something extra. It looks like a war zone here,” he was quoted as saying.

Zero Hedge reports the police faced two “coordinated attacks” during the night which prevented emergency services from attending to the injured.

Of course you can bet your bottom dollar CNN will figure out a way to blame this on Trump. Shall we start a pool?

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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