Milo QUITS Breitbart; makes STUNNING promise

Senior Editor at Breitbart News, and massive supporter of President Donald Trump, Milo Yiannopoulos, has resigned from the company amid a huge controversy.

The kerfuffle in question is focused around recent comments Yiannopoulos made that seemed to indicate he was in support of pedophilia, or sexual relationships between young teenage boys and older men.

Yiannopoulous’ comments also cost him speaking gigs and a book deal, so things are continuing to go from bad to worse for the alt-right icon.

Here’s his full statement via Twitchy:

While this is definitely devastating news for both Breitbart and Yiannopoulos, it appears he’s already rebounding:

As you might imagine, the left will no doubt be having a field day with this bit of news, as they have ever since the story broke, fully exposing their own ridiculous hypocrisy.

Remember last year when a progressive news publication actually printed a story written by a pedophile who admitted to being sexually attracted to young girls and attempted to make it sound like it was some how normal instead of sexual deviance?

Yeah, the left was slobbering all over the guy, actually upholding the nonsense and attempting to defend his morally bankrupt position.

Yet it’s highly doubtful many of those same individuals will be here defending Milo, since, you know, he loves that Trump guy and all.

If we’re going to hold people accountable in the media, and we absolutely should, seeing as that’s the purpose of a free press, we ought to do so fairly.

Just because Milo is a conservative doesn’t mean he gets a free pass, and neither should those on the left. Right and wrong are absolutes, and when lines are crossed accountability is essential.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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