Alert: MAJOR airport has SHOCKING security breach…

John F. Kennedy airport in New York certainly has had its share of drama lately. Just a few weeks ago, JFK was the first site to see protests break out in response to President Trump’s travel ban. Now, police are investigating a shocking TSA security breach that allowed 11 passengers into the terminal without receiving proper screening.

From Fox News:

Police were racing Monday to find as many as 11 people who apparently walked through an open and unattended checkpoint at New York’s JFK Airport.

The passengers walked through the Terminal 5 screening area at around 6 a.m., Port Authority Police told Fox News. They said they searched the terminal for those passengers around 8 a.m. after getting “belated notification” from the Transportation Security Administration.

Police determined three passengers boarded a flight to California and would get screened upon arrival, the Port Authority added, saying it was still working to find and identify the other eight.

Although many are concerned about preventing terrorism from overseas, the security breach shines light on issues much closer to home. Not only did the lapse in security allow 11 unscreened passengers through, but two hours elapsed before the breach was communicated. By then, three of the passengers had already boarded flights bound for California.

The news comes as President Trump continues to draft a new travel ban, hoping to avoid the legal challenges that prevented the enforcement of his initial executive order. With eight of the passengers yet to be identified, it is impossible to know just how serious the situation could have been.

In an era when the country is under constant threat of terrorism, it is shocking that one of the agencies responsible for preventing attacks could make such a critical error.

[Note: This post was written by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]


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