WHOA: After Nordstrom, look what happens to Ivanka’s sales on Amazon…

Last fall, two women started a hashtag campaign called #GrabYourWallet in order to boycott any retailer who carried Trump-branded products. Per the grabyourwallet.org website, here’s the scoop:

The #GrabYourWallet boycott began October 11, 2016 in the wake of the Trump Tapes [The “Trump Tapes?” Since when was that a thing?] when a brand strategist and a grandmother simultaneously realized they could no longer in good conscience shop at retailers that do business with the Trump family. Never having met, Shannon Coulter and Sue Atencio joined forces and announced on Twitter they’d be boycotting any retailer that carried Trump products, with the goal of motivating those companies on the list to stop doing business with the Trump family.

They published a short list of such retailers later that same evening and on October 14th, Shannon introduced the #GrabYourWallet hashtag — both as a response to Donald Trump’s infamous hot mic remark and a reference to women’s epic consumer power. The hashtag and the movement exploded on social media and has been viewed over 700 million times.

Since then, the #GrabYourWallet boycott has grown into a movement and central resource for the flexing of consumer power in favor of a more respectful and inclusive society. [You mean, inclusive of would-be terrorists trying to get into our country and kill Americans and inclusive of criminal illegal aliens who also kill Americans? Just come out and say it , because that’s what you really mean, and that’s really the only people Trump wants to keep out] It’s been reported on by The New York Times, Vogue, Washington Post, The Guardian, Cosmopolitan, CNN, MSNBC, Nightline, and BBC among many other [liberal] media outlets. Notable figures who have amplified or supported the movement include Don Cheadle, Greg Louganis, Lucy Lawless, [Still notable? Since when?] Roseanne Cash, Neko Case [Who?] Joyce Carol Oates, [Ditto?] Robert Reich, Pam Grier, and Ben Cohen (of Ben & Jerry’s). [That’s ok. I can live without Coffee Heath Bar Crunch. Seriously. I can.]

Well, the brand strategist and the grandmother have been successful in pressuring Nordstrom, Kmart and Sears (among others) to dump Trump products. We reported last week that Marshall’s and TJMaxx had instructed employees to take down any signs specifically promoting Ivanka’s clothing line and mix in her branded garments with other brands on the racks (basically hiding them).

Just as an aside…is it really fair to punish the daughter for the sins of the father? Exactly what has this successful, working mother done to harm women? Oh never mind.

In any event, it appears there are some other folks also grabbing their wallets…and buying Trump-branded products, specifically Ivanka’s perfume.

As of this writing (Sunday morning) Ivanka’s branded fragrance holds the number one and two spots on Amazon’s “Top 100” best sellers in the entire beauty category.


Just for fun, we checked on the sales rankings for some of our favorite liberal women’s fragrances:

Beyonce: #2,555
Katy Perry: #104,230
Lady Gaga: #9,592

Madonna: #98,149

Yep, #GrabYourWallet all right. Let’s all trigger some liberals and order some Ivanka perfume while eating Chick-fil-A in the parking lot of Hobby Lobby.

[Note: This article was written without fragrance by Michele Hickford]


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