Insane: University now considering allowing BLACK students to…

In the latest installment of inmates running the asylum, the student government at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has issued a demand that blacks be allowed to attend the school for free. Why? Because some whites owned slaves 160 years ago.

Forget that no one alive has ever owned or been a slave and that while yes, whites did own slaves, it was whites who also put an end to it. This trend of students issuing demands of their learning institutions has become a new staple of the American collegiate system. From demanding ‘safe zones’ to insisting certain speakers (all conservatives, of course) not be allowed on campus, to demanding faculty firings, the questions surrounding who are truly the adults on American campuses has never been more difficult to answer.  And with their brains so pumped full of liberalism, today’s college students are completely incapable of entertaining so much as a single thought that’s not ingrained in progressive dogma.

Madison’s Fox6 News and other sources are reporting on the student government’s latest “demand” of its scholastic institution:

The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s student government is demanding free tuition for African-American students.

The Associated Students Of Madison adopted a resolution Wednesday, February 15th saying African-Americans were legally barred from education during slavery and that the flagship school remains out of reach for students of color. The resolution demands free access, tuition and housing for all African-American people, including former inmates.

UW-Madison spokesman John Lucas says university officials are reviewing the resolution.

The Associated Students’ resolution also claims that white students who came to the university from suburban high schools are “overrepresented.”

All of this of course is steeped in the ‘white guilt’ agenda that’s now prevalent on college campuses, Madison being no exception. This semester the school launched a new class called The Problem With Whiteness. The course features studies, readings and quotes such as this one from Richard Wright,There is no Negro problem in the United States, There’s only a white problem.”

Your eyes did not just deceive you. A black man whose salary is being paid by students and the parents of the (white) students he is teaching, is teaching those students that the real problem in America is them and their parents – the ones paying his salary to tell them this. Want a view into the twisted world of liberalism? There it is.

The student government resolution calling for all black people to be able to attend the university without having to pay for any of its associated fees would result in a black undergraduate student who is a state resident saving nearly $20,000 a year. The resolution also calls for 10 percent of donations to the university to go towards funding its financial aid program and requests efforts from the admissions staff to test whether students could apply to the school WITHOUT having to take the SAT or ACT entrance exams!

This is all so familiar.

It was liberals years ago who said, “Blacks have been treated unfairly, let’s give them a free place to live” and birthed public housing projects. How’s that worked out for blacks? It was liberals who said, “Blacks used to be slaves, let’s come up with a system for giving them free food” and food stamps were born. Blacks are now the most welfare-dependent group in the nation.

Jason Riley asks a question in his brilliant book, “Please Stop Helping Us : How Liberals Make it Harder for Blacks to Succeed“, “Why is it that so many efforts by liberals to lift the black underclass not only fail, but often harm the intended beneficiaries?”

While liberal intentions may be pure they just don’t understand that constantly giving people something for “free” does not help them it harms them.  Please, liberals, please, please, PUH-LEEZE stop helping us!

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]

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