VIDEO: Man pulling assault rifle on Trump supporter is CHILLING

Before the election, the liberal media worried the looming Trump loss would spark violent backlash from his supporters. In reality, the complete opposite turned out to be true. Shortly after Trump’s victory, violent riots broke out across the country, including multiple cases of violent mobs physically assaulting Trump supporters.

Months after the election, violence continues to break out around the country. On inauguration day, violent riots were staged, resulting in the arrests of more than 200 people. Later, protesters at Berkeley chased down Trump supporters and viciously beat them.

Now, video has surfaced of what might be the most stunning incident yet. In the video, a man at a gas station spots another patron with a “Make America Great Again” flag on on his vehicle. Immediately, the man begins yelling obscenities at the Trump supporter, demanding he remove the flag. When the Trump supporter refuses, the man brandishes an assault rifle and issues threats while removing the flag himself.

Watch the full video:

**Warning** Graphic Language

According to the Gateway Pundit, the video was originally uploaded by a user going by the name of “Neal YsdalHothead Norles.” Although the user attempted to delete the video, multiple channels were able to save it first. The incriminating evidence has since been widely circulated around the internet.

Liberals feared that one side of the country would feel emboldened to carry out violence in “Trump’s America.” Turns out, they were right. But, instead of Trump supporters acting out violently, the real threat of violence comes from the left.

[Note: This post was written by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]

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