Students petition for HUGE progressive designation; the University’s response is EPIC!

It’s no secret that college campuses across the country have become the bastions of leftist ideology. In fact, liberal students are so used to having their opinions unchallenged, disagreeing with them forces them into their safe spaces. Worse yet, if for some reason students don’t get their way, they have a protest temper tantrum that usually results in a full-blown riot.

Needless to say, campus administrators and faculty have been enablers to this pervasive college culture. After all, most college faculty are liberals themselves. But even if they aren’t, they almost always cave to the demands of their fragile snowflakes.

To most, it seems like common sense is extinct on American college campuses. However, at least one college in Texas has taken and unpopular stand. Predictably, liberal students are throwing a fit.

From Breitbart:

The University of Texas at Arlington president told students they cannot become a sanctuary campus–for now.

“The answer right now is no,” said UT-Arlington President Vistasp Karbhari on Wednesday during “Pizza with the President,” a regularly scheduled lunchtime gathering where the top admin serves free pizza and the student body tackle issues.

Karbhari explained their campus is a public institution and fueled by state and federal dollars. He said it stands to risk losing its funding if the university does not follow all laws,according to student newspaper Shorthorn.

To most, the President’s decision probably seems like a no-brainer. As a public university, the institution is in no position to defy federal or state law. Despite how the University may feel about the law, risking its taxpayer funding would be catastrophic. Of course, that’s the price you pay when your institution is funded by the voters.

Common sense or not, liberals on campus are fuming about the decision. The geniuses that came up with having a sanctuary campus, The Progressive Student Union, released a statement on Facebook shortly after the decision:

President Karbhari told us UTA will not become a sanctuary campus — for now. Regardless, we will continue to push for some kind of protection for undocumented students.

PSU is against policies that can hurt students long-term or short-term. It’s unacceptable to put the needs of a system over the needs of students.

Ironically, the group claims to be against “policies that can hurt students.” It’s hard to think of a policy that would be more harmful to students than, you know…no longer having their university funded. Liberals that think college should be free would get a quick lesson in what happens when the taxpayer spigot runs dry.

Given that whole cities have tried to defy the president and declared themselves “sanctuary cities,” — and one state seeking the status — we are seeing the downfall of such thinking. Federal funds to these cities are threatened despite the defiance of their mayors. And, it seems this hot-button issue is now trickling down to our college campuses.

To be fair, it’s probably hard for students used to getting their way to handle the news. Perhaps they should get participation trophy for trying? Anything to make them feel better.

In the end, the University made the right call. In an era where colleges almost always give in to liberal demands, the University of Texas at Arlington stands apart.

[Note: This post was authored by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]


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