She’s BAAAAACK: Jill Stein makes STUNNING new claim that…

If Jill Stein keeps at it long enough, in another 50 years or so, perhaps we’ll learn that Hillary Clinton really should’ve been president this entire time!

Believe it or not, Stein’s presidential recount campaign lives on. Her initial recount campaign did nothing except enrich her — and widen Trump’s lead in Wisconsin. Now, even though there’s no chance of it having any effect on anything, she’s attempting to challenge the State of Pennsylvania to give her recount there another try.

According to the Daily Caller

Former Green party presidential nominee Dr. Jill Stein has asked a federal judge in Pennsylvania to rule that the state’s recount procedure is unconstitutional. The complaint was lodged in connection with litigation staged after President Donald Trump’s victory in the November general election. Stein’s campaign raised over $7 million in order to finance recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Lawyers representing former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton briefly participated in the effort, which did not uncover evidence of abnormalities.

In an amended complaint filed this week, Stein argues Pennsylvania’s recount procedure violates the Fourteenth Amendment’s due process guarantee, because it contains no mechanism for individual voters to review a record of their ballot after casting their vote on an electronic interface. Many states maintain voter-verifiable paper audit trails (VVPATs), a printout provided by a voting machine which allows a voter to verify their ballot was cast correctly. Many states keep these records after the election, in the event of a recount.

Stein also claims that the “arbitrary” and “unreasonable” process governing requests for a recount in the state violates the Fourteenth Amendment. Stein also alleges First Amendment violations. “Acting under color of state law, Defendants, by the above, are maintaining and implementing a system of voting that denies Pennsylvania voters the right to vote, to have their votes counted, and to seek recounts/recanvassing of the vote, and that violates the First Amendment,” the complaint reads.

We look forward to Jill Stein’s future campaign to bring Joseph Kony to justice by the year 2022.

[Note: This post was written by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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