Just in: Trump hammers ANOTHER nail into Obama’s legacy

President Trump is continuing his crusade to completely destroy and undo the legacy of Barack Obama by today signing a bill removing regulations Obama put in place on the coal industry.

When Trump was running for the White House, he promised he’d dismantle much of the work done by the Obama administration that had left our country in shambles.

Many didn’t think he would keep his word, but that doesn’t seem to be the case thus far.

The Washington Examiner is reporting, President Trump signed a bill Thursday to roll back the Obama administration’s midnight regulations on the coal industry.

The bill, called a resolution of disapproval, was passed by the Senate and House using special powers under the Congressional Review Act to reverse regulations.

Trump said the repeal “will eliminate another terrible job-killing rule, saving thousands of American jobs, especially in the mines.”

The resolution repeals the Interior Department’s Stream Protection Rule, which critics said was rushed out in the waning weeks of the Obama administration, piling on strict new rules for the coal mining industry that will add significant cost and lead to job losses. The rule bans mining companies from putting waste in streams.

If there’s one thing that Trump seems to get, it’s that regulations destroy businesses, and when businesses get destroyed, people lose their jobs and whole communities fall into a depressed economic state.

The best way to heal our economy is by getting the government out of the way so that business owners can keep more of their profit and use it to expand their companies and provide opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

With Trump, a man who understands business, perh]aps we can rekindle those values and help restore this country to its former greatness.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell

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