Should we WORRY? Look who Trump is doing lunch with TODAY…

As we reported earlier today, there does seem to be some turmoil and a furious game of musical chairs still being played in the White House.

Of course you know Michael Flynn abruptly resigned from his post as National Security Adviser before the ink had dried on his business cards. Rumors are flying about the longevity of Reince Priebus — and even spokesman Sean Spicer as well.

Just as the comings and goings of everyone visiting Trump Tower were documented before President Trump’s inauguration, the visitors to the White House are also being examined for clues as to whom might yet be added to the president’s team – particularly since the “help wanted” sign is still on display.

Well, here’s a little tidbit to add fuel to the speculation.

Per Twitchy, the “sweetheart” President Trump has invited to lunch today on Valentine’s Day is none other than New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and his wife.

Some are speculating that Christie is STILL trying to lobby for a spot in the administration even though he’s denying it publicly, saying on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday:

“I have absolutely no intention, nor any understanding, that I will be asked to be in the administration in the years to come.”

But you know how that goes…Folks are saying that’s not the case.

We’ll all just have to wait and see. Never a dull moment around here, that’s for sure.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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