There’s something you need to know about singer in Trump dress…and you’re NOT going to like it

As we reported yesterday, the center of attention following Sunday’s Grammy Awards show was a singer by the name of Joy Villa, who came sporting a Trump-themed “Make America Great Again” dress. Despite any criticism she may have received, it was clearly a wise decision, as her album sales skyrocketed the following day, putting her above Beyoncé and Lady Gaga on Amazon.

But was it all a publicity stunt? It’s doubtful anyone would deny that. But did she even vote for Donald Trump, or support him in any way? That’s questionable, given her past tweets:

“If you don’t like the two crazy candidates running, write in or vote for the OTHER 3 on the ballot!” she tweeted on election day.

She also re-tweeted President Obama on election day.


… and Democrat Rep. Karen Bass.


After Trump won, she made an Instagram post stating that she’ll “overcome and persevere” accompanying a photo with a nonpartisan message.


Here’s another from August 2016, where she talks about how dumb Trump supporters are.

There was also a pro-Bernie post made on that basis is that he would be the strongest candidate to defeat Trump.


Also gleaned from her Twitter feed: she’s a promoter of the Church of Scientology (view all her posts on the subject here). In a post made just days before her Grammy stunt, she posts a picture of a book by motivational speaker, investor, and Scientologist Grant Cardone, titled “The Millionaire Booklet: How to Get Super Rich.”


She certainly learned well.

Villa and her dress’ designer, Andrew Soriano, joined Fox and Friends earlier today to discuss the dress:

 “There was a lot of controversy around the president and a lot of hate honestly, and I wanted to change the narrative,” Villa said. “I wanted in some small way to just show support and unity. “It’s not about who you voted for or what you believe, it’s more about love and unifying. As the United States of America for the world they look at us and if we’re divided, it doesn’t paint a good picture. “I wanted this dress to be a beacon of hope, for love, for support and for making a decision to go against the grain. … It was a statement of love above all.”

Even during her appearance the message seems to be unity, not pro-Trump.

Did we all get played? To Villa’s credit, she didn’t make any pro-Trump statements at the Grammy’s, aside from wearing the dress. She did however re-tweet a handful of posts praising her and referring to her as a Trump supporter after the Grammy’s.


It all seems just a bit fishy. In the meantime, her bank account balance certainly has been made great again.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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