The truth was just revealed about Trump’s wall, and liberals will HATE IT

If you listened to the mainstream media, you’d think Hispanic voters are most strongly opposed to Donald Trump’s stance on immigration.

Given that the media purposefully paints Trump’s position as “anti-immigrant,” instead of what it really is (anti-illegal immigrant), it’s natural many people would get a false perception of his actual stance.

Among those who understand Trump is specifically anti-illegal immigration is a group the left has been desperate to convince otherwise: Hispanics. While pundits remained convinced his past comments about Mexico “not sending us their best” would cost him the Hispanic vote, Trump did better with Latino voters than Mitt Romney did with Hispanic voters in the 2012 election.

But that’s not all: Hispanic voters actually agree with the president’s tough stance on deportation.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Hispanic voters support President Trump‘s new focus on deporting illegal immigrants with criminal records and punishing some 300 cities that grant “sanctuary” to undocumented criminals, according to a new poll.

The survey for Secure America Now found that 56 percent of Hispanic voters approve of deporting criminal illegals. Some 31 percent don’t.

What’s more, they back the president’s executive order to end the Obama administration’s “catch and release” policy at the border.

Over all in the McLaughlin and Associates survey, 69 percent of all voters back the president’s plans.

While Hispanics approved of Trump’s deportation plan at a lower rate than the national average (their 56 percent support vs. 69 percent support from all voters), their position was more conservative than the average Democrat, who support Trump’s stance on those issues 53-35.

When it came to cutting off federal funds to sanctuary cities, 46 percent of Hispanic voters agreed, compared to 43 percent opposed. While this is lower than the figures for all voters (59-29), it still shows strong support.

Is it any surprise that those who immigrated legally — or are descendants of those who did — oppose illegal immigration?

If Trump’s immigration plan is “racist” as his critics say, would these critics also argue the majority of Hispanics bear the “racist” label? Doubtful.

[Note: This post was written by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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