Marco Rubio gives STUNNNG response when asked about impeaching Trump

<> on March 3, 2016 in Detroit, Michigan.

Florida’s Sen. Marco Rubio isn’t exactly known for being a die-hard Trump supporter. And, really, after the brutality that ensued between them during the election, who can blame him?

However, for the liberals working in the entertainment industry protesting Trump since November in what might be the world’s longest temper tantrum, it seems Rubio has a message for you.

TMZ, that lovely bastion of journalistic integrity, managed to stop the senator and ask him about all of the celebrities — such as Charlie Sheen — saying Trump won’t make through a full term, and who think the president will be impeached.

According to TheBlaze:

“We’ve got to just take care of the country. We’ll see how it all plays out,” Rubio told TMZ in response to a question about some celebrities — most recently, Charlie Sheen — saying Trump will be impeached.

Trump has been in the White House for about a month and, in the weeks since he took the oath of office, many of Tinseltown’s biggest names have come out against the Republican president. At the Golden Globes last month, Meryl Streep ripped Trump for being a “bully,” and last week, during a speech at a Human Rights Campaign gala, she slammed the president’s “catastrophic instinct to retaliate,” referring to his Twitter tirade against her speech weeks before.

On Inauguration Day, Debra Messing “joined millions of Americans” committing themselves to Wall of Us, an advocacy group with the goal “to make it simply irresistible for Americans to become active participants in rebuilding our democracy.”

While Hollywood has been busy opposing Trump at every turn, Rubio is urging them to knock it off.

“We’re pretty divided right now, you know, as a country,” he said. “I think it’s alright to disagree on things. We gotta figure out things we can work together on. In the end, I’m not going anywhere, the other people aren’t going anywhere — we’re gonna be in America together.”

“We might as well make it work,” he continued. “And on the things we disagree on, we can have a debate about them. But on things we can kind of make progress on, we should try. That’s what I’m gonna try to do. I hope it works.”

While Rubio is spot on about how divided the country is, and the need for civil dialogue and debate on important issues without all of the drama, name calling, and other assorted tomfoolery, his initial response about Trump getting the boot could’ve been a whole lot stronger.

Mr. Trump is the president, and, like it or not, is representing the party he belongs to. If unity is such an important issue, perhaps Senator Rubio could better serve that cause by uniting with Trump openly, and having his back against leftists and their insanity.

It’s important now more than ever, that if we’re to win hearts and minds, the GOP has to get their act together and get on the same page.

Let’s hope it happens sooner rather than later.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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