Not just Flynn: Insiders reveal who’s next to hear “YOU’RE FIRED”…

It’s hard to pretend these first three weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency haven’t been a little rocky.

The day he was sworn in, protests began nationwide – and later spread across the globe. Granted, they were a sideshow to the flurry of executive orders Trump started signing to make good on his promises, but within days, cracks began appearing.

The temporary travel ban order sparked yet more protests and judicial challenges — and criticism for the hasty way it was drawn up, announced and executed. Trump’s first pick for VA secretary bowed out — as did his first and second picks for secretary of the Army.

The Senate Democrats launched sit-ins to prevent hearings on Jeff Sessions and Betsy DeVos, merely delaying the inevitable. And as Col. West wrote here today, these delaying tactics are putting the United States in a very dangerous position.

Then they threatened to investigate Kellyanne Conway on ethics violations for flippantly suggesting people should buy Invanka Trump’s dresses. Seriously?

It’s no surprise the Democrats are doing everything they possibly can to stop President Trump from governing, questioning his “legitimacy” from the beginning.

But the last thing the president needs is scoring more of these “own goals.

Now, with the abrupt resignation of Michael Flynn as National Security Adviser, the knives are out for who could be the next to go.

Survey says? White House Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus.

Per Breitbart, sources close to the president confirm to Breitbart News there is serious doubt as to whether this early administration shake-up will also see the exit of White House chief of staff Reince Priebus.

Specifically, multiple sources close to President Trump with internal knowledge of White House operations told Breitbart News on Monday night that the buck stops with Priebus when it comes to the botched rollout of the executive order temporarily banning most travel to the United States from seven nations with a history of exporting terrorism and temporarily halting the refugee program. This news comes of course in the wake of the news that Flynn was pushed out, but also as more and more reports of a likely shake-up at the top loom.

“Reince is responsible, ultimately, for the rollout of the immigration executive order,” one source said. “He failed to get [Attorney General Jeff] Sessions on the calendar in the Senate in time for what he knew would be a highly controversial executive order. He was supposed to be this wizard in dealing with congressional Republicans, but has not been successful in getting anything serious done.”

A second source says that Priebus knew about Sally Yates, the Deputy Attorney General under former President Barack Obama’s administration who was given the temporary spot as Acting Attorney General during the transition process until the president fired her for having “betrayed” her duty to enforce the law, getting that top Justice Department job and the risks it entailed and did not inform the president of that or stop her from reaching that position.

A third source added that while Senate Democrats are certainly playing games in the Senate holding up President Trump’s nominees, Priebus is also not utilizing his relationships with GOP leaders—his supposed biggest selling point for landing the point job in the White House—to get Trump’s nominees through and his government up and running quickly.

“It’s actually not just Sessions,” the third source said. “It’s everyone. Reince really has not done enough in pressuring [Senate Majority Leader Mitch] McConnell to move faster. Sure, the Democrats are using all their tools, but McConnell isn’t doing everything he can either—and Reince is not doing anything about it. With floor time so scarce, the White House can’t expect Mitch to click his heels without a little push.”

But that’s not all. Breitbart goes on further to report that other sources say President Trump has been privately critical of Priebus and that even Trump allies are beginning to circulate names for possible replacements. Never a good sign.

It can’t be a fun time right now to be working in the West Wing, that’s for sure.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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