NO WAY! Look what country just BANNED CNN

Donald Trump famously blasted CNN as “fake news” during his first press conference following his electoral victory, but he’s hardly the only leader putting the network on blast.

Trump has attacked CNN for their unfair coverage of him — and he’s right. Just two days ago there were no fewer than 18 anti-Trump stories on the front page of the CNN website.


But President Trump isn’t the only world leader to call shenanigans on the news outlet. Venezuela’s president Nicolás Maduro, according to Townhall, is on record as stating:

CNN must leave his country, after claiming that CNN en Espanol misrepresented information, according to El Nacional. El Nacional reported that Maduro warned CNN not to put their nose in Venezuela and that he wants CNN “well away” from his country. 

This misrepresentation was in reference to CNN en Espanol’s in-depth program detailing the alleged delivery of fraudulent Venezuelan passports and visas to the Venezuelan embassy in Iraq that were then reportedly sold to possible terrorists. 

El Mundo reported that Maduro exclaimed in his tirade against the broadcasting network that media such as just CNN try to manipulate.

According to El Mundo, one of those mentioned in CNN’s program was Maduro’s vice president Tareck El-Aissami. It pointed out El-Aissami’s alleged relation to Hezbollah. 

He also claimed the news channel manipulated information about a student’s complaint regarding the lack of food at school. According to the Panama Post:

Last week, a student demanded on national television that the president improve the conditions of his school, asking for security, infrastructure and food so his classmates wouldn’t faint from hunger anymore. CNN en Español visited the high school and talked with the staff about the student, and whether Maduro had made any improvements since that incident only to discover he had not.

Ironically, while Trump is rightly criticizing CNN for misrepresenting him, Venezuela’s president is criticizing them for daring to report what’s going on in the socialist hellhole that is Venezuela.

[Note: This post was written by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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