HILARIOUS: Celebrity tweets pictures of MYSTERIOUS anti-Trump “swastikas,” only to find out they’re REALLY…

A liberal making an asinine comment is certainly not a newsflash. But when one goes so far as to see something so evil when nothing is there, sometimes the smackdown is popcorn-worthy.

So it is with the mind-boggling “Great Swastika Conspiracy of 2017” and the “comedienne” we are coming to know as a “guilty pleasure” because of the controversy that seems to backfire whenever she’s around: none other than Sarah Silverman.

Apparently, our not-so-favorite tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist believed she saw swastikas painted all over the ground on her coffee run. Of course, it’s all a “whitelash” because…The Donald! Right?


Turns out those funny orange (for “Cheeto Trump,” surely?) “swastikas” were…wait for it…surveyor marks!

But wait! That’s when the fun really began. According to CSC Media Group USA, the internet trolled Silverman so hard, it was probably her most comedic “masterpiece” to date – and totally unintended on her part.

Here’s the tweet that set everything in motion:

The internet was quick to respond. Some of the ensuing hilarity included these gems:

These are but a few of the truly priceless responses Silverman got, prompting her to lash out with some angry blather about it being an “innocent” mistake because she gets :: gasp :: intolerant comments about being Jewish, thus justifying her paranoia.

If these are the types of gifts we’re going to keep on getting from the left for the next four years, that alone is worth the price of re-election so we can get four more!

[Note: This post was written by Marie Stroughter. Follow her on Twitter @MarieStroughter]

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