Oh my: She’s BAAACK

We knew the Obamas couldn’t stay out of the spotlight too long. After all, how many vacations can you take before it all starts to get a little old, right?

The media went absolutely gaga (while we all went gagging) at photos of the former president kite boarding with Richard Branson in the Virgin Islands, but you can’t pay the bills with that. Forbes reported last month that Barack Obama may get as much as a $20 million advance should he write his memoir (No mention as to how much he’ll share with Bill Ayers). Some have speculated the next position he’d like is Secretary General of the United Nations, but so far there’s no truth to back that up.

But what of the former first lady? What’s she up to next?

In late December, Oprah asked Mrs. O if she would be running for president in 2020. At that time, her answer was an emphatic no.

But perhaps Michelle Obama sees a different track for herself…showbiz!

The Free Beacon reports, Former First Lady Michelle Obama will be back in the spotlight later this month when she makes an appearance on the fifth season of “Masterchef Junior” as a guest cooking judge.

“MasterChef Junior,” a cooking television series, consists of children between the ages of eight and 13 who compete against each other for a $100,000 prize. The show, which premiered Friday night on FOX, will include a rotation of guest judges in place of former judge Graham Elliot, Mashable reported.

Of course, Mrs. Obama is an expert on food. She famously grew some in her White House garden, and then there was her school lunch program with food kids didn’t want to eat.

But hey, if this doesn’t work out, maybe Michelle can get a spot on “Celebrity Apprentice.”

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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