There have been rumors swirling around what Hillary Clinton will do next. Will she run for mayor of New York City? Will she have a daytime talk show? Will she start designing a line of pantsuits for Nordstrom? (Ok, we made that one up).

And of course the big question…would she actually, truly try a run for the presidency a THIRD time?


Unbelievable though it may seem, one pundit from Politico actually believes she will. Matt Latimer presents his hypothesis as facts:

Consider. Shortly after Clinton’s shock-the-world, hysteria-inducing defeat last November, the Clinton Global Initiative announced plans to cease operations. The CGI—the most scandal-plagued arm of the Clinton Foundation—was a ground zero of grief for the Clinton campaign. Labeled a slush fund for political operations, paid for by foreign governments, it was an endless and easy target of complaints about conflicts of interest and graft. Yet despite pleas to do so by various supporters throughout the 2016 campaign, the Clintons time and again refused to shut it down. Which raises the question: What advantage, other than a political one, is there to doing so now?

Similarly, why did the Clintons allow rumors to circulate—rumors they still haven’t officially quashed—that the former secretary of state was/is/might be considering a run for mayor of New York City? For the thrill of it? Out of spite toward the current mayor, who supported her candidacy for the White House? Or might there be another reason to keep alive the idea that Hillary Clinton’s political fortunes aren’t in the rear-view mirror?

This month, Clinton signed a book deal with Simon & Schuster. That alone isn’t noteworthy. This, after all, would be her seventh book, if you count her campaign policy venture/insomnia cure, Stronger Together. But added to all the other activities afoot, it raises a few questions. Does she really have that much more to say? Or might there be another reason, besides money that she does not need, to go on a book tour, answer humiliating questions about losing to Donald Trump and stay in the headlines?

And just days ago, Clinton trolled Trump on Twitter over the courtroom defeat of his executive order banning citizens from seven majority-Muslim nations. She didn’t have to do that, of course. Most defeated rivals disappear after their loss. Instead, Clinton sounded very much like she was still on the campaign trail. (Because, of course, she is.)

Latimer goes on to argue that Hillary won’t be too old – at 73, she’ll be one year younger than incumbent Donald Trump in 2020. And she’s not the first politician to try it thrice – Ronald Reagan did it, running in 1968 and 1976, before finally succeeding in 1980.

But, let’s say it all in unison, “You, madam, are no Ronald Reagan.”

Seriously liberals, that’s the BEST you can do?

Oh my. It’s almost too much to imagine frankly.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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