GRAMMY producer drops HARDCORE message about tonight’s show

For 59 years, the Recording Academy has been presenting GRAMMY awards to honor “excellence in the recording arts and sciences.” But as with most awards shows these days, the GRAMMY awards have become bully pulpits for Hollywood liberal elites to grandstand about everything other than music.

If you do bother watching, you might remember in 2014, a rapper named Macklemore made a plea to end homophobia and misogny in hip-hop. On the same show there was an en masse wedding of 33 gay and straight couples to make a statement about same-sex marriage. That was also the year we wrote here about contemporary Christian music artist Natalie Grant, who walked out because she’d just seen too much.

In 2015, the show focused on the supposed epidemic of rape on college campuses, with an address from a rape survivor, followed by a video from President Obama and a performance by Katy Perry (wait…what does she have to do with…oh, never mind).

Well music fans, you may or may not want to tune in tonight because you can be guaran-damn-teed Trump-bashing will be in full force.

The show’s producer is encouraging it.

Page Six reports, Grammy Awards producer Ken Ehrlich has a message for those who will take the stage on Sunday’s ceremony: Bring it on.

Ehrlich has no reservations about political messages or anti-President Trump statements flying during CBS’ three and a half hour Grammycast. Artists expressing passionate opinions about real-life issues are the stuff of memorable moments, he said.

Um, and by “moments” he means “ratings.”

“One of the tenets of our show is artistic freedom, and over the years we’ve shown we do believe in it,” Ehrlich told Variety. “How many more times do we need to hear ‘I’d like to thank my publicist, my agent, my wife and kids.’ The great acceptance speeches are ones that have a point of view and are more personal.”

Wait a minute…aren’t acceptance speeches supposed to be gracious and include thanks to all the people behind the scenes who should also be sharing the moment? Or is it no longer fashionable to say thank you? (Obviously not).

The only guidelines on speech that Ehrlich has to keep an eye (and ear) on is profanity, given the potential for CBS to be hit with FCC fines if F-bombs fly before 10 p.m. But almost everything else is fair game.

Oh that’s comforting.

“One of the things I’ve learned from working with artists for 40 years is that they are deep-thinking, vital individuals who have interests that cover a broad cover a broad spectrum of subjects and passions,” he said. “We should certainly allow for it on the broadcast.

“Deep-thinking?” Yes, here’s a selection of lyrics from one song, “F**k You Tahm Bout” by Chance The Rapper, nominated this year for a GRAMMY award:

10 Days?
Are you for real?
Are you serious?
F**k it then!

F**k you tahm bout?…
Nigga, fuck you tahm bout?…

Nig*a, f** this whole school and everything you tahm ’bout
Don’t ask me for no I.D., bitch I f**king signed out
Bitch I’ve been suspended, bitch I’ve been on timeout
Waking up in grind mode and sleeping in a grindhouse
So please don’t hit my line ’bout the party trying to find out
What time that shit going to start or when it end, or who gone come out
Or if I walked the stage, I’ve been on stage since I could rhyme out
Shows and shows and tapes of trying to get my f*king lines out
So please don’t take my BIC out
My book out, my pick out, my hair, my f*cking big mouth
You di** head you dipped out of class and now you sh*t out
Of luck who f*cking slick now, and with them rhymes you written down
I hope you get a mix down with a diss track
From Ms. Rownd and my d**k sack in this bitch mouth

Okay then. No doubt there will be a lot of “deep-thinking” commentary on national security and the economy at THIS show tonight.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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