What Democrats are planning for Obama now is downright CREEPY

You’d think no one in America would be more glad to see Barack Obama ride off into the sunset than the nation’s Democrats. Few people have memories strong enough to recount Obama’s list of abject failures. From ‘Fast and Furious’ to Benghazi, $9 trillion in new debt, a $2 trillion healthcare debacle that’s stripped millions of their insurance policies, civil unrest resulting in 12 riots in his 8 years, feckless foreign policy that saw the birth of ISIS, record-setting economic numbers on the low side (household net worth, for instance) and the high (numbers out of the workforce and on welfare) — the man left behind a train wreck.

The biggest accomplishment of the Obama presidency? The strongest Republican Party in history. Democrats lost a whopping 1,042 legislative seats on Obama’s watch. There are now just 16 Democrat governors, the lowest number since the 1800’s. Republicans have the presidency, the vice presidency, the Senate, the House, soon a 5-4 Supreme Court majority that’s likely to grow to at least 6-3 and last 20 years or more.

Yet rather than the “Adios, muchacho, thanks for nothing!” he deserves, Democrat strongholds around the country instead want to canonize Obama.  They want to thank him for wrecking their Party by placing him on permanent pedestals. If they get their way, where will these pedestals be? Illinois and California, of course.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that a group of liberal Illinois legislators have introduced a measure that would make Obama’s birthday a state holiday;

“He’s barely slipped out of the Oval Office and into his surfing shorts — but Barack Obama is already being feted by a pair of South Side lawmakers who want to make his birthday a state holiday.

Obama’s birthday, Aug. 4, would become the state’s 13th official day off, and only its second state-specific day of rest, alongside Lincoln’s birthday, if Democratic state Reps. Andre Thapedi and Sonya Harper get their way.

Thapedi, who pushed for a similar measure last year while Obama was still in office, acknowledged he’s “ticked off some folks” with his idea and that his Obama Day bill was “by no means a top priority until we resolve this budget crisis” in Springfield.

But he said an official holiday — with a government shutdown and a bank holiday — is “important to me and to my constituents.”

This is Illinois. A state which doubled its tax rates in 2011 in an effort to stay solvent and now is proposing doubling them AGAIN.

Never to be outdone on the liberal meter, California is getting in on the pedestal-building gig too. From the Los Angeles Times;

“… California State Senator Anthony Portantino has drafted a resolution that would name a portion of the 134 freeway, running from Glendale to Eagle Rock, north of LA, as the Barack H. Obama Freeway.

“California has a long history of designating our freeways as reminders of the accomplishments of important leaders who have shown character, strength and passion. President Obama is a laudable person to showcase and for Southern Californians to appreciate,” said Portantino.

The proposal comes on the heels of Pasadena’s tribute to Obama: a commemorative plaque on the small apartment he called home while at Occidental.”

You read correctly. Obama somehow afforded tuition at Occidental (how, we have no idea) one of the nation’s most expensive private schools. Only went there for three years then somehow gained admittance to Columbia (how, we have no idea) one of the nation’s most exclusive schools. And so the city of Pasadena has commemorated the apartment he lived in while he was briefly in college there. Creepy?

But perhaps these aren’t the worst ways to remember Obama. A day in Illinois where no one works and little gets done, and a highway in California that’s slow, overcrowded and causes you to be late. Fitting?

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]


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