USA Today tries to defend story to Tucker Carlson; INSTANTLY regrets it

Whether it was Megyn Kelly’s decision to leave Fox, or the network gently ushering her out, having Tucker Carlson in Kelly’s time slot has been a windfall — for Fox and viewers alike.

For those of you who haven’t yet tuned into Carlson’s show, each night he invites a liberal to a debate, and despite the fact that they NEVER survive the match-up, liberals keep accepting the challenge.

Last night, it was the deputy editor of USA Today, who Carlson wanted to ask why the newspaper had the gall to run an op-ed comparing Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon to brutal ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Per The Hill, The USA Today opinion piece, which ran in its weekend edition, made the argument that Bannon has “apocalyptic visions of a clash of civilizations between Islam and the West,” similar to al-Baghdadi.

“We’re at war with a psychotic death cult, a fringe of the Islamic world,” USA Today Deputy Editorial Page Editor David Mastio wrote. “Bannon agrees with Baghdadi that it is a war between Islam and the West. We don’t need to give Baghdadi that propaganda victory.”

Well, in response, Carlson started out his discussion with this awesome graphic comparing the two, which of course instantly went viral.

Carlson responded by stating that the rhetoric of recent U.S. presidents had no bearing on ISIS expanding its power.

After some crosstalk, Mastio conceded that President Obama erred in withdrawing forces prematurely from Iraq and creating a vacuum for ISIS for fill.

“President Obama withdrew our troops prematurely from Iraq and the remains of al Qaeda in Iraq became the Islamic State and the civil war in Syria gave them a big opportunity. So, just because Barack Obama made a huge mistake is not a good reason for a new administration to come in and add some new ones,” he said.

Here’s the smackdown in its entirety.

Carlson is rocking the ratings race, finishing January as the number one cable news host in the key 25-54 demographic.

Rock and roll, Tucker! You’ve got a lot of fans here among the team at

[Note: This article was written by fan club president, Michele Hickford]

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