Student assaulted during pro-Trump rally; WHO did it SHOCKS campus

Liberals on college campuses might think their protests are proving a point, but all they’ve proven is a willingness to use violence to silence opposition. Instead of engaging conservatives by debating ideas, liberals have opted to use physical force to get their way. While claiming to protest fascism, they’ve demonstrated repeatedly who the real fascists are.

First, the University of California at Berkeley made headlines last week, using violent protests to prevent conservative journalist Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking on campus. Now, students at California State, Fullerton have gotten in on the action.

From the Daily Wire:

Enter California State University, Fullerton. Yesterday, many campus activists started protesting against President Trump’s travel ban, similar to what other college campuses like Louisiana State University have done for weeks. The protest was initiated by the Jew-hating organization Students for Justice in Palestine, a group that masquerades as a human rights organization that apologizes for genocidal Hamas terrorism.

According to Campus Reform, the CSUF College Republicans held a counter-protest against the leftist mob. As they were marching, a part-time professor later identified as Eric Canin allegedly assaulted one of the College Republican members. CSUF Republicans said they contacted the police after the incident via Twitter.

If the alleged assaulter was indeed a faculty member at the university, this represents a new low in the war on speech waged on college campuses. It’s one thing for young students to make mistakes in judgement, but it’s unacceptable for faculty to engage in physical violence against a student.

Evidently, just indoctrinating students isn’t enough for some of the faculty at California State, Fullerton. In fact, if a student even dares to disagree with propaganda, the next best step is physical violence.

While college liberals claim they are in physical danger due to words, college conservatives are in actual danger of physical violence for questioning their peers. Perhaps liberals need a safe space from ideas, but conservatives need a safe space from their own faculty.

Thankfully, the incident was reported to police. If the investigation reveals the accusations to be true, this professor should not only be charged, but be terminated from the university. The wave of violence spreading across our college campuses can’t be allowed to continue unchecked.

[Note: This post was written by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]

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