Travel ban protesters asked if THEY would take in a refugee; response is MIND-BLOWING

Every liberal is in favor of compassionate policies that they think someone else is paying for.

Youtuber Joey Salads did a little social experiment among those protesting Donald Trump’s 90-day travel ban and 120-day Syrian refugee ban at Los Angeles International Airport, posing as a leftist.

He came representing a fake organization that was looking to provide care for refugees – but was mainly looking for people to volunteer to house refugees themselves. So did any of them take him up on that offer? Watch below:

The excuses were varied, from “I just don’t have space,” to “I live with a Trump supporter” (the bigot!). Perhaps the most ironic excuse was from the women who claimed that they wouldn’t feel comfortable living with one (isn’t this Islamophobic by liberal standards?).

Just a disclaimer: Salads has been caught faking social experiments in the past. In this particular experiment, there’s no reason for Salads to need to try to control the situation, and hence little reason to fake the experiment by using paid actors. If there is any deception in the video, it would likely have been from editing out those who said they would house refugees from the final cut. If the video was faked, he did manage to find paid actors who look exactly like leftist protesters.

Which isn’t much of a stretch either.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]

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