CNN PANICKING to hide what people noticed at their town hall last night…

Last night CNN hosted a town hall-style debate between Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders on the subject of the future of Obamacare. A common theme of the debate was Sanders’ constant insistence on healthcare as a right (and thus should be paid for by government), while Cruz pointed to the consequences of making that the government’s responsibility, such as rationing, long waiting times, and lower quality service in countries with such an arrangement.

One of the toughest questions Cruz received was read by a woman named Carol Hardaway, who asked Cruz:

I have multiple sclerosis but could not afford insurance – without the treatment or medications i need, i had problems with walking, with my speech, and my vision. When the affordable care act was passed I moved from our home state of Texas because they refused to expand Medicaid to Maryland and within 2 weeks I started receiving treatments through Medicaid and am now well enough to work as a substitute teacher.

Senator Cruz, can you promise me that you and the Republican leaders in congress will have – actually have a replacement plan in place for people like me who depend on their Medicaid? In other words, I like my coverage, can I keep it?

That question has been receiving a lot of attention, not because of the exchange that followed, but because of the visible header on the email she was reading from. As the Gateway Pundit found, the email is from a Gmail account as you can see from the top of the paper. The subject line reads “Your Question,” as the two photographs below show.


A number of people on Twitter also made the same observation, with some speculating that CNN fed her the question.

As Mediaite noted, regarding whether or not this question was scripted by CNN, many asked the same question following a recent Town Hall event that the network hosted featuring Nancy Pelosi. A NYU student by the name of Trevor Hill asked Pelosi a question live on-air about the shifting demographics of the Democratic party as it pertains to capitalism, despite the fact that his initial question was supposed to be something else. In an interview with The Huffington Post, Hill recounted how it was a “fluffier” question he was tapped to ask.

Think it was a planted question? It wouldn’t be the first time.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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