JUST IN: Trump 1, Iran 0

It looks like President Trump’s tough stance on Iran may have scored its first point.

Finally, the U.S. has “a pair” in the White House. After eight years of B. Hussein Obama turning a blind eye to Iran’s blatant disregard of the nuclear agreement, not to mention sending planeloads of cold hard cash to the mullahs, the party’s over.

As we reported here, last week the Trump administration put Iran “on notice” after they conducted their first ballistic missile test since Trump took office, violating a UN resolution in the process.

Then, as the New York Post reports, Washington announced sanctions against 25 individuals and companies involved in Iran’s ballistic-missile program.

Now the interesting thing is, as recently as last Friday, satellite imagery of Iran showed a long-range Safir missile that uses the same components as those needed for an intercontinental ballistic missile being prepared for launch.

The Post says, The images showed a flurry of activity, including a host of visitors, on the launchpad Feb. 3, the day the missile was first spotted.

But then, as of yesterday, the missile was gone.

Perhaps it was a technical problem — but the timing suggests otherwise.

Trump’s tough talk and sanctions was a response unlike anything Tehran saw in eight years under President Barack Obama — whose State Department routinely issued reports critical of Iran, but turned a blind eye to the Islamic Republic’s nefarious behavior, not to mention its repeated violations of the sweetheart nuclear deal.

It’s a sign that for Iran, the days of wine and roses — and blind-eye treatment — are over. And perhaps an even more welcome sign that tough talk, combined with tough action, really does work.

Well, we’ve known that all along. Because the unicorns and rainbows of the last eight years certainly did not.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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