TRUTH about anti-Trump airport protests confirms our WORST fears

You know that saying about things that seem too good to be true? Typically, they are.

In the wake of President Trump’s travel ban on seven terror-prone countries, protests broke out across the nation’s airports.

Of course, the liberal media was out in force to cover them. After all, there’s nothing better than spontaneous rage directed at the president you so desperately didn’t want.

But, not so fast! Those “spontaneous” protests the media fawned over? Turns out they may not have been so spontaneous after all.

From International Business Daily:

There was always something fishy about the outbreak of “spontaneous” protests at airports around the country in the immediate wake of President Trump’s executive order pausing visas and refugees from terror-prone countries.

Not that you’d suspect anything from the way they were covered. Nearly every story published over that weekend stated without equivocation that the protests were an unplanned and visceral reaction to Trump’s executive order. Examples:

“Spontaneous Protests Hit Airports Across America Following Trump’s Executive Order”

“Protest Grows ‘Out of Nowhere’ at Kennedy Airport”

“The senseless cruelty of the executive order has led to spontaneous protests at many of America’s major airports.”

“Word of the spontaneous demonstration was spread across social media.”

But these protests weren’t spontaneous at all. They were, in fact, the result of months of careful planning by hard-core left-wing activist groups.

The report goes on to detail just how far in advance the protests were planned:

[The Daily Beast’s Asawin] Suebsaeng notes that “professional organizers had been waiting and planning for this type of mass, direct action — ready-made to go viral on social media — even since, well Nov. 9.” These professional organizers, he says have been “anticipating and mapping out their battle plans for Trump’s orders on deportations, bans, and detention.”

The executive director of the Arab American Action Network told Suebsaeng that “we had been laying the groundwork for this for a long, long time.”

There is good reason to draw a distinction here. Spontaneous protests would seem to suggest an outpouring of genuine negative reaction to a policy. However, a staged event indicates the negativity surrounding the ban was more contained to those predisposed to act on it.

The mainstream media — intentionally or not — helped fuel this misleading narrative. Whether through inherent bias or an intent to deceive, they desperately wanted to advance the idea that most of the country was horrified by President Trump’s action.

Once again, the mainstream media has proven that people have a right to be skeptical of their reporting. Despite talk of stopping fake news, they have become experts in its application.

[Note: This post was authored by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]


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