Ted Cruz gets a ‘tip’ ahead of his debate with Bernie, and it couldn’t be more HILARIOUS…

Everyone’s favorite Texas Senator, Ted Cruz, is getting ready to go toe-to-toe with nutty left-winger Sen. Bernie Sanders in a clash of the titans debate focused on Obamacare, and it’s guaranteed to be epic.

The Affordable Care Act is a super hot topic at the moment. With conservatives controlling Congress and the White House, it provides an opportunity to repeal and replace this socialistic monstrosity with something that will actually improve health care for the average American.

Sanders — a raging and totally unashamed socialist just dying to implement a single-payer system — will be arguing for the merits of the legislation while Cruz will be shredding it to pieces.

Cruz’s buddy, fellow Sen. Mike Lee, apparently wants to lend the Texan a hand in preparing for the debate, so he tweeted him a book suggestion and it’s a real gut-buster:


That’s likely the most accurately produced book on the merits of socialism ever created, because, as it clearly spells out, there aren’t any.

Socialism is a system that claims to level the playing field by taking from the haves and giving to the have-nots, but in reality it’s just a covert system of theft, designed to help line the pockets of the folks in charge of the charade.

Stealing from the rich to give to the poor doth not make thee Robin Hood — which is what liberal socialists seem to think.

In the story of Robin Hood, the GOVERNMENT was stealing from the poor, not rich folks who worked hard to build businesses and create jobs. He robbed tax collectors and gave back what they took from the common man.

Socialism is the government committing strong-armed robbery on its citizens, plain and simple.

One thing’s for sure: Sen. Cruz — a machine when it comes to the Constitution — is going to utterly destroy Sanders in this debate…and it will be glorious.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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