SURPRISE poll: America rates media treatment of Trump…

Whether you agree with President Trump’s policies or his brazen, outspoken nature, it’s hard to argue the point that the mainstream media in this country, which largely leans left, has a serious vendetta against the real estate mogul.

Not a day seems to pass without hearing harsh criticism from news outlets, some calling him racist, others sexist, and on it goes.

His positions and policy actions are put under a microscope and shredded from front to back, despite many of them being beneficial for all Americans.

The public has taken notice of how The Donald is treated by the media, particularly compared to former President Barack Obama, and not a lot of folks are happy about it.

The Washington Times is reporting, More than a third of Americans think the mainstream media has been unfair to President Donald Trump, and after the swath of fake news released last week, there’s no doubt as to why.

According to a nationwide Gallup poll released Sunday, 36 percent of Americans think media outlets have been too hard on Mr. Trump, while only 28 percent say they haven’t been tough enough. Significantly more people think the press went easier on former President Barack Obama than Mr. Trump, the poll found.

The first two weeks of Mr. Trump’s presidency have been rocky, with the press erroneously reporting many stories that confirm their own negative impression of his presidency, or by simply not taking the time to gather all the facts.

Last week, The Associated Press reported a phone call between Mr. Trump and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, which strongly implied that Mr. Trump suggested sending U.S. troops down to Mexico to help them deal with their “bad hombres.”

After the story went to press, the Mexican government said it wasn’t true, Mr. Trump never said he’d be sending troops down to the southern border. The White House later reaffirmed that Mr. Trump didn’t plan to invade Mexico — but that didn’t stop reporters and political operatives from retweeting, and igniting a social media fire.

“I’m sorry, did our president just threaten to invade Mexico today??” Jon Favreau tweeted, linking to a tweet by a Yahoo News reporter that highlighted a portion of the AP story, with the words “Wow.”

Of course, it wall all false. Nevertheless, it was retweeted more than 8,000 times.

That’s just one example out of many more.

Now, if Barack Obama had been treated this way by major news outlets, you better believe his adoring fans would’ve been rioting in the streets, destroying the local Starbucks, and demanding all sorts of corrections be made and the truth told.

The bottom line is, the press has a duty to drop its bias at the door and engage in responsible journalism, making sure the general public has the information it needs to make informed decisions without being spoon fed a particular worldview.

Unfortunately, the majority of news being put out today comes from companies and groups with an obvious leftist agenda who care little for journalistic integrity and simply want to push a message.

That’s okay too, so long as these companies are honest about it and forthright, not pretending to be a bastion of truth and justice when clearly smearing the other side.

Sure would be nice to see a return to that kind of journalism, wouldn’t it?

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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